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National Electrification Program Implementation Road Map and Financing Prospectus

The Ethiopia’s National Electrification Program (NEP) - Implementation Roadmap (IRM) presents the Government’s action plan for achieving universal electricity access nationwide by 2025, in a strategic and comprehensive, as well as efficient and transparent manner, for the benefit of all its citizens.

Towards this end, the key operational action elements of the NEP-IRM target are:

  1. Fast-paced ambitious grid connections rollout program implemented by EEU starting in 2018,
    and designed for scaling up connectivity nearly five-fold from today by 2025; to over 14 million households in customer count terms (equivalently about 65% of the population in 2025 of about 22 million households); and a coordinated and
  2. Enhanced design and reach off-grid access rollout program alongside grid connections for the achievement of universal access by 2025,
    targeted to provide access for the remaining 7 million rural and deep rural households without grid connectivity (equivalently about 35 percent of the population in 2025). The off-grid program component designs - deploying individual solar systems and isolated mini/micro-grids as feasible - and respective implementation and financing frameworks, will incorporate the relevant and proven international experience from country specific program instances where such a scale has been achieved demonstrably and sustainably; especially for rural areas.
  3. Explicit cross—sectoral linkages with the productive and social services sectors –
    especially health, education, water supply points – to achieve 100 percent access at the latest by 2022 in the case of secondary schools and primary health centers.
Summary of grid and off-grid program financing requirements (2018-2022) (public share)
  Investment(US$ million) Immediate Technical Implementation Support(US$ million) Sub-Total
Grid 975 42 1,017
Off-grid 478 6 484
Total 1,453m 48m 1,501m