Alternative Energy Technology Development and Promotion Alternative Energy Technology Development and Promotion

Alternative Energy Technology Development and Promotion Directorate

The directorate has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate all renewable energy technology interventions in the country and lead the sector;
  2. Increase access to affordable modern energy means,
  3. Develop RET thorough adoption, adaptation and new design;
  4. Assess and promote efficient, cleaner, and appropriate energy technologies and conservation measure in a sustainable way,
  5. Create awareness on energy related matters using different promotion medias;
  6. Strengthen collaboration and increase participation of stakeholders,
  7. Provide technical assistance in the form of advisory services, facilitating revolving fund, providing Training of Trainers as well as equipment and vehicles. 
  8. Assess encouragement and support options and bring to the attention of decision makers for implementation

Solar Energy

The scope of the activities in the rural electrification project extends to implementing projects financed by foreign governments’ grants and loans in such a way that solar power generating appliances are to be installed in which the Ethiopian matching fund covers administrative and miscellaneous expenses. Thus, rural electrification projects have a great role in the GTP II in that aiming to enable those households located in remote and off grid areas of the country to become beneficiaries of the effort of electrifying the sited locations.

Activities encompassing solar home systems dissemination and installation, popularizing projects involving energy efficient appliances, capacity building and technical support options are the main to be emphasized by the section of rural electrification fund.

On top of this Micro enterprises organized to implement alternative energy technologies of various kind that include manufacturers, dispatchers and disseminators are targeted to be offered trainings, technical support and access to facilities of money borrowing channels.  



National Biogas program coordination office was established during the year 2009 G.C. The objective of the establishment aimed at converting cow dung and other biomass residue to the biogas (mainly methane-CH4) so as to enable households to access renewable alternative energy source in a competitive market manner. The other target from the technology is that the organic fertilizer from the bi-product of the biogas plant largely supports agricultural productivity substituting artificial fertilizers.

So far, the program has been supported financially by the grant from the government of Netherlands and local matching fund of Ethiopian government and the beneficiaries of the program are five African countries in which Ethiopia is among them.

In addition to the grant by the government of Netherlands EU has started funding similar program whose financial support is known to be NBPE+ right from the current fiscal year.

Micro Hydro

Project documents on micro hydro had been made ready by the group of teams of alternative energy study team. In a couple of years prior to the current fiscal year among which a single project document prepared for the one located in SNNP that has already been financed by the government of Ethiopia for implementation in the coming three successive years. In the current fiscal year, the preliminary part that includes design preparation and related civil works are going to be accomplished. The rest activities are to be completed. During the two successive years after the completion of this fiscal year.

There is a likely interest to finance the rest project documents for implementation depending up on the degree of the performance level of the current project ready to be implemented right from this fiscal year.