Service description
  • Provision of environmental clearance certificate through reviewing the ESIA reports on water and energy development projects.
  • M&E/environmental auditing on water& energy related development on going& already developed projects
Required Documents

The client should submit 5 original copies of the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) reports accompanied with the resettlement action plan (RAP) as required as well as in a soft copy (CD).

Service steps and procedures
  1. The client should submitted the complete set of the ESIA report to our office
  2. Check the reports are complete or not
  3. Set a review ad hock committee (3-5)
  4. Review of the documents submitted by the review team individually
  5. Make joint discussion with team, consolidate the comments and situations discussion will be held
  6. Discussion will be held together with the director and the review team
  7. The comments will be sent to the client attaching in an official letter
  8. Comments in corporate and then the client should send the revised version of the document accompanied with a letter
  9. Review if all comments and concerned have been considered and the report is up to the standard.
  10. Then if it is fulfilling all the requirements and complying with the environmental proclamations and guide lines. The environmental proclamation letter with developer committeemen's will be given
  11. If the document is not complying with aforementioned requirements, it will be back to the developer/client to complete the report and bring to the acceptable standard, indicating unaddressed issues or comments